Couch 2 5K - Part 5

Published August 28, 2010

I figured I had gone on about running a bit too much for a little while, so I saved two weeks of the programme to go up at once. Here goes nothing:

Week 7

Day 1

I don’t want to say anything that is going to jinx the next few weeks of running, but this was relatively easy. I wonder if having a goal - a race to actually train for - has made a difference? We shall see.

Day 2

For this day, I took the new-found My Tracks app along for the ride, which meant I was concentrating mostly on my gadgets rather than the actual running. It was fine though, if a little disappointing.

Day 3

I sort of knew before I started that this would not be a great run. I wasn’t feeling well at all, but to me, it was more important that I got out the door and gave it a go. It was pretty windy (which I hate), and I had little motivation (not feeling well, and all). Still, I went out. I really only got 1km into the run before turning round and heading back, but that’s okay.

Day 3 (repeat)

Much better. This was only a day after the fail before and it was fine. I even picked up speed at the end and increased those numbers. (I’m still not sharing them with you.)

Week 8

Day 1

Well, the weather has turned, hasn’t it? Not such a nice day for a run. The numbers were good this time - the extra three minutes meant I covered a greater distance, but it’s still not as much as I’d like.

Day 2

Again, it was kinda damp underfoot, and I get worried I’m going to fall over and tense up a bit. Still, this is what it will be like in October, surely, so I’d better get used to it. The numbers were down a bit on the previous couple but I wasn’t surprised - I had a lot on my mind, and was desperately tired after a busy couple of days. Better next time.

Day 3

I’m so rubbish at running! Why did I ever think this was a good idea? The only thing that cheers me up even slightly is the idea that when I started the programme, I was struggling to jog for 90 seconds. Now I’m going 28 minutes, and next week I’ll be doing 30.

With the last week coming up, I’m starting to think of what I’ll do after that. I’ve got a route in my head that should be about 5k, so the plan will be to get the distance right, and then get the time down.

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