Couch 2 5K - Part 4

Published August 12, 2010

A slightly better week this week, although I had to work through a bit of “why am I so rubbish” emotional stuff, as you may notice halfway through.

Week 6

Day 1

I must have been a bit smug about the twenty minute thing because today was quite tricky. It’s been quite a few days since my last run, so perhaps I left it too long this time. Even so, I must have broken a mental barrier somewhere because there were plenty of times I wanted to stop but I didn’t give up. Well, only with about 30 seconds to go and that’s because the bin men kept getting in the way.

Day 2

Not great. It’s so frustrating to be able to do it one day and not the next. Why can’t I tell beforehand if it’s going to be a good run, because I wouldn’t bother going if it wasn’t. I don’t want to be brilliant at running but it’d nice not to be completely useless.

Day 2 (Repeat)

Initially, this looked like it was going to be another fail. But… and here’s something I never thought I would say… Chris de Burgh saved the day.

Day 3

Good enough! Not brilliant but certainly not evil, and no Chris de Burgh required. From now on, it’s all run, run, run with no walking intervals. Scary!

Given the limited success I am having, I crazily went and posted this on Twitter.

Twitter screenshot


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