The Archers - June 2010

Published July 4, 2010

And then, he was gone. Poor Sid! He only just got to take a holiday, went jogging, and poof, he was gone. At least he got to see his daughter one last time, I suppose. I’ve not been listening long enough to know him as anything other than Jamie’s dad that takes him to football sometimes, and that guy behind the bar. Still, he seems to be quite a popular chap, and the party they held in his honour was lovely. I did enjoy this post about him, and highly recommend reading it.

I feel terribly sorry for Kenton, as Kathi was just so unforgiving about everything. She’s angry he didn’t go to New Zealand, she’s angry he won’t give her any support, she’s angry for the way he lets Jamie express himself how he wants rather than mollycoddling him every minute of every day. She whines and moans non-stop. But wait a minute. This is her ex-husband who died. Why would Kenton want to be involved in any way? New Zealand is a massively long way to go for the funeral of someone you’re not very close to. And he had been working on the bar for a year, how could he miss the opening night? Then all those nights of Kathi moaning into her pillow would have gone to waste.

Meanwhile, Fallon was coping brilliantly by herself. I like her even more.

Talking of liking people, a quick aside here. I know I have never expressed a fondness for Vicky, quite the opposite in fact, but even I felt a bit sorry for her when nasty Tom nicked her veal pie idea. He just gets worse.

It’s all about the business though, he assured her, nothing personal. A similar conversation being had by both Jennifer and Lillian, I’d imagine, as their other halves went head to head in the property market. Even though the company is all in Lillian’s name, everyone knows that Matt is the driving force behind the outfit, and it is quite a lot of fun to see he and Brian squaring up against each other. Brian doesn’t do himself any favours though, referring to the Open Farm Sunday visitors as the great unwashed. Humph.

I liked the conversation between Matt and Brenda. Two completely different people, who appear to have respect for each other despite the history. Am I missing something, or is Lillian not a fan of Brenda? I remember her being off with the poor girl in the shop one day, and when Matt was talking about her she got all sniffy. Then when Brenda and Tom were having yet another conversation about her work and future, she said that Lillian didn’t seem bothered by it anymore. What is it please?

Other than that, it’s been the usual Pip doing this, Pip doing that nonsense this week, and I know I am not alone in being sick of it. So she wants to quit college. I left college after a couple of months, my parents were very supportive about it, and look how terrible I have turned out. Now, granted, we can all see what an absolute loser Jude is, and Pip will get there too in her own time.

My final note is on Susan making her debut in the dairy making yogurt with Clarrie. My god, there’s going to be a lot of talking while that yogurt gets made, isn’t there?

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