Ode to Forlán

Published July 7, 2010

Diego Forlan in his Uruguay strip

Credit: jikatu/Flickr

I was skeptical about watching the 2010 World Cup

There was no doubt that England would mess the whole thing up

For five long weeks, flags everywhere. Football’s all that matters

Inevitably our heroes left the nation’s hopes in tatters

The countries kept on playing though, while our boys were sent packing

The quality of game increased, goals no longer lacking

And there he was, a shining light, a fabulous right foot

A bright blue shirt, long flowing locks and Alice band to boot

He leads the team throughout the match with yellow on his arm

As captain he must hold a lot of Uruguayan charm

In six matches they played, he scored goals numbering four

And led those awesome penalties that showed Ghana the door

Holland were the downfall, despite a goal from our main man

One silly match for third place is all I’ve got left of Forlán

Then four more years to sit back and think on what he did

It’s not as if I’m about to start watching Atletico Madrid!

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