Couch 2 5K - Part 3

Published July 28, 2010

It’s been another slow “week” on the running front but not due to my inability to complete a workout. This time, it’s been real life getting in the way. In iPod news, I fixed the syncing issue so the music returned, and I think now the runs are getting longer, I welcome the distraction rather than the silence. I also went and broke my earbuds, though. They are hanging on to life by a thread, quite literally.

Unintentionally, days passed between runs and I wonder if this wasn’t part of my successes this week. Gavin pondered as much on my week of fail. I can’t prove that spacing out the runs has made a difference, but as you’ll see, things have certainly improved!

Week 5

Day 1

Success! Still slow as molasses but five minutes at a time appears to be achievable now.

Day 2

Even more success! How strange. I desperately did not want to go for a run today, but still did and it was comfortable. Not easy, but good enough. So… I can now run eight minutes at a time, and next is the jump to twenty minutes. Madness.

Day 3

I did it! I did it! I did it, I did it, I did it. 20 minutes! I still don’t quite know how. This was the first run I did from my new house and the first run I have attempted before work. Maybe I dreamt it? Maybe I am still dreaming now? Maybe life is but a dream? Okay, I’m clearly delirious. Bring on week 6.

Note to self: When running in the morning, leave extra time for the big ol’ red face to go away.

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