Won't somebody think of the children

Published June 29, 2010

I was listening to a relatively recent episode of the CNET podcast The 404 and they were talking about trends in the 90s. I love it when they reminisce because although some of their references I don’t get, thinking back to the good old days is always fun.

They lightly brushed past the topic of those must-have toys that scary parents would run around the shops desperate to get. You know, the Buzz Lightyears and Cabbage Patch Dolls of this world. I pondered for a while and realised that this toy hysteria doesn’t seem to happen any more. Not for kids, anyway. Let’s not talk about the iPad.

Is it just that I am too old to take much notice, or is it that kids don’t go in for high profile toys in that manner any more? What is the fashionable item that replaced the Pokemon? I never did get Pokemon, by the way. I think the Pikachu thing was too yellow.

Perhaps it is that kids are sucked into the Apple hype too and they all want iPods rather than Pogs. I don’t know. I don’t have kids, and I don’t know many kids either. It does seem a shame, though, if the era of terrifying mothers elbowing each other out the way to get the latest Beanie Baby is gone. Maybe it is the internet that killed it! Maybe the scary mums all sit at home and order online.

If that’s true, then I approve.

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