Superleague round 4 - Jarama race 2 report

Published June 20, 2010

So, I missed out on the first race, and tuned in just in time for the start of Race 2. By all accounts, the first race didn’t go so well. I know Franck started 12th, and he began the second race on the front row. With a reversed grid, that would suggest it wasn’t a result to write home about, and after further research, I learnt they had to retire with a mechanical issue. Boo.

Onto the second race, then, and Bourdais was out in the first few minutes, as another car crashed right into him. It was Franck we were watching though, as he battled with two other cars for the top positions.

Jarama race

It was tense! FKM would have a go at the leader, and when it didn’t work out, he’d fall back and have to defend the third place car. When the pit window opened, the others dived in leaving him to lead the race and try and pull out a gap.

Jarama race

After his pit stop, he remained in second place, with the commentators suggesting the team should have brought FKM a lap or two earlier.

They also added that Franck has loads of experience over a lot of the field, has tried his hand at all kinds of racing and it doesn’t matter what he does, he’s quick at everything. We knew that already, of course, but it’s nice to hear them say it.

Franck closed up to the first place car - AS Roma - and then overtook him for the lead! Yay Franck!

Jarama race

And then he won! Yay some more!

Jarama race

He wasn’t exceptionally happy when he got out the car, despite having picked up 50 points. He wanted points from the first race as well, and the retirement was clearly annoying him.

Jarama race

Not the widest smile you’ll ever see, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Once again, he missed out on the Superfinal race, but the win has certainly helped their championship position. I’ll updated their confirmed position soon.

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