Some snippets from Franck

Published June 13, 2010

A Q&A with the man himself.

On not anticipating any problems:

We were not really pushing, we were very focused on the targets, not on qualifying. We just focused on one point, which was the win. We were just so relaxed and peaceful working together. I could sleep very easily this week, and during the race too. I was just checking the lap times and everything we’d said before was done, no problem at all. It was just great.

On whether he could have done anything differently:

Even if you push it’s still going to be the same, because the pressure’s still going to be the same inside the engine. That’s what I asked straight away: ‘Is there anything I could’ve done to save the engine?’ They said there was nothing. You could’ve done all the mapping you want, and for this problem it would’ve been the same.

On coming back to try again:

I’ve come here for 10 years and it goes fast. Three times in a row I put the car in first position and something happened. It has to stop one day.

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