Lessons in the World Cup - Four day crash course

Published June 15, 2010

I tried to avoid it for as long as possible, but eventually I had to write today’s World Cup post over on Sidepodcast. I have watched more of the games than I imagined I would, and enjoyed even more of them. A lot of that has to do with the live comments, as it’s fair to say I have a lot to learn!

On that subject, I wanted to note down some of the things I have picked up after just a few days of international football. I will be an absolute expert by the end of this, you mark my words.

  • That Gerrard fella is pretty good.
  • 10-0-0 is all about defending.
  • You’re not allowed to tackle from behind, even if you say sorry afterwards.
  • For some reason I have already heard of Ruud van Nistelrooy.
  • Injury time is confusing, and blood is not allowed.
  • Fabio Capello shouts and gesticulates quite a lot. I am used to seeing the Sven statue.
  • Emile is a nice name.
  • The referees are very yellow. I don’t like yellow.
  • Germany are really good at passing the ball about.
  • Shaun Wright-Phillips is Ian Wright’s son. That is way cool, although I keep calling him Steven.
  • Even though I know what the offside rule is, I’m not very good at spotting it. You need about six pairs of eyes, I reckon.
  • Goalkeepers can be captains too.
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