Doctor Who: Series 5, Episode 10 - Vincent and the Doctor

Published June 6, 2010

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This was the epitome of one of those Love It or Hate It episodes. It was all about the people and less about the monsters, but written by Richard Curtis, you could hardly expect anything else.

I thought it was okay. It was nice to have a slower episode after some of the fraught stories we’ve seen recently. Things are bound to be ramping up towards the end of the series as well, so a moment of peace is probably a good thing.

Doctor Who series 5 episode 10

I really liked the bow tie exchanges. There were a lot of little Doctor moments in this episode. Connecting with the art curator, and that moment where he ran back in the room shouting “not that fast!” They weren’t impressed. The Doctor still thinks he is cool, and Amy is still not sure about that.

There were a lot of Rory moments in the show too. He is clearly not forgotten, even if the crack in time did whatever it is supposed to do. When they were holding hands and looking up at the sky at the end (if ever a sentence summed up a show…) Amy was thinking about Rory even if she didn’t realise it.

There isn’t much to say about the story itself. Having an invisible alien is an interesting idea, because it makes it that much harder to fight and that much more scary. I still don’t know why only Vincent could see him, but in the grand scheme of things, questions like that aren’t important.

I fundamentally disagree with showing Vincent the fact that he was popular after his own death, because even though it didn’t actually make any difference, the Doctor couldn’t have known that. Amy was expecting to see a lot more paintings, and if that had happened, that’s not right, is it? I thought there were Time Lord rules about that kind of thing.

“Sorry about the beard” was just beautiful though.

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