And the winning header is...

Published June 29, 2010

Thank you to everyone who voted in my July Header poll. More than anything, I was blown away by the 40 votes. What lovely people you all are.

Vote results

For a while, three headers had made a break for the lead - with numbers 4, 9 and 10 all on equal footing. Then 4 fell behind, and up until about ten minutes ago, the remaining two were tied for the lead.

I was worried. I hadn’t anticipated having two winners. I only have one header space.

Nevertheless, we have a winner, and it is: Repetition.

I am gratified that the later headers seem to be getting more votes, as that would indicate I am at least gaining some skills. It’s all a matter of personal preference, though, I’m sure. It could be something as simple as the colour that makes one header more preferable to another.

Either way, looking back at the ten weeks worth of design was very good for me, to see how far I’ve come and how very far I have to go.

I want to be a bit bolder with colours. I seem to lean towards that purple colour, a nice turquoise green, or the deep red/brown of the Regency header. There are other colours out there, I know it.

Also, I should investigate brushes more. I get a bit nervous once I’ve put a brush on the canvas, thinking that it’s just going to look so placed, but it just needs some practice. Just needs some thought. I haven’t really been publicising the banners I’ve been making (spoiler alerts and adventure banners) but the gardening one was a joint effort between Mr C and myself. I did the brush work, and he helped me with the text.

Typography is something else I need to work on. Don’t tell Mr C that though. Shh.

So, all in all, thanks to everyone. Your header has been chosen and will stay for the month of July, wherein we will start the weekly headers again. I hope we will have another vote at 20. Thanks for sticking with me through the process! Learning is fun.

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