Like a book club but different

Published May 19, 2010

We have done the community film watch thing over on Sidepodcast, all gathered together to live comment a movie - ensuring we all hit start at the same time.

I’ve seen many people tweeting their way through TV shows and movies. It seems as though sharing the experience with someone else is becoming ever more popular - even if you are on opposite sides of the globe.

So here is a website I would like, if I had the millions to pay off the movie industry, and hire engineers to build it:

Rather than saying “hit play at a certain time” and finding some people are minutes behind, or have a different version, or arrive late, you’d want to stream the movie on the site itself. You could have viewing schedules, just like a cinema, with various showings to tie in with peak audiences in various timezones.

The streaming page would enable users to watch the video and comment at the same time (rather like Mr C’s fabulous Live Commenting Live Thing - various movable boxes, one of which would hold the movie at all times). Thus, you get to consume a movie, and share it with other people at the same time. Lovely.

Then perhaps you could leave reviews of the movie, score it out of ten or something, gather together some data to enable other people to choose whether they want to view it or not.

There should always be a way of viewing the comments, or perhaps replaying the movie yourself without the live commenting available but maybe a read-only stream of text coming in.

You would have all the latest (possible) films available up front, just like the cinema, with perhaps some theme evenings of Ye Olde Movies as well (just like speciality cinemas). The aim is to guide people along to watch more movies.

So, then, the next logical step is to allow people to form groups, just like book clubs, and they can choose films to watch and times to view. You can imagine that a select group might want to watch Talladega Nights - it’s not new so it wouldn’t be in the cinema - but over on Sidepodcast, we wanted to consume that. So we set up a Sidepodcast group and schedule a time to watch and comment by ourselves, just the Sidepodpeeps.

That’s as much as I have thought of. No logistics or anything, but I like the idea.

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