3D vs HD

Published May 5, 2010

I went to visit my brother recently (hi brother!) and he’s the proud owner of a fancy HD TV. I do most of my media consuming online but I can appreciate a good TV when I see one. He was watching the snooker, which seemed a bit of a waste to me, but still, nice TV.

We got into a conversation about 3D vs HD and we were mostly in agreement - who’s gonna fork out for a 3D TV?

First and foremost, you have to wear glasses. In your own home. I don’t approve of this at all. They are expensive glasses, so if you sit on the ones that come with the TV (which I invariably would), you’re going to have to keep on spending to buy more. Equally, if you manage not to sit on them, when friends come round and you do not have enough glasses, what are you going to do? Draw straws over who gets the sub-optimal movie experience?

It also appears that the glasses are tied to which TV you have. So you can’t keep them forever, you can’t take them to the cinema, and you can’t use them at your friends house. Unless you all sign a pact to get the same TV.

I have only seen one 3D movie, I think. It was a long time ago, and I’m sure the technology has moved on enormously since then. Maybe. I saw it in a cinema and it wasn’t that interesting. Nothing that has been hugely promoted in 3D has been that enticing to me. Avatar has blue people in it. Alice in Wonderland is supposedly not very good at all.

I can understand that going out to see a show in 3D would be better - assuming there was something I wanted to watch. Big ol’ screen, lots of friends, bottomless popcorn, make it an event. It’s not going to be the same in your living room, is it?

I’m quite annoyed that 3D stole all the glory from HD. We were just starting to get somewhere, HD was beginning to catch on, the cost of a TV was falling, people were happy to snap them up and watch their favourite sports in all their high definition goodness (unless you’re an F1 fan… oh wait, wrong site). Now there is a whole other genre of definitions and dimensions to think about. Silly TV people trying to constantly make money.

Is 3D really something that is missing from our home entertainment experience? Are we really heading towards a future where you sit on the sofa, stick a virtual reality bucket on your head and live the story?

Because I think I’m quite happy just watching.

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