Spruced up

Published April 18, 2010

Following the revelations of Whittled Down, I now have information about things I’m adding to Smarter Than Your Average. If you visit the site, rather than a feed reader, you might notice that I’ve reverted to the old Vigilance theme. I used to use this one in the good ol’ days of self-hosting, and I got a familiar sense of wellbeing when I selected it from the Wordpress options.

(Incidentally, this post on the Wordpress blog gives me great hope for the future choice of themes on hosted WP.)

The main reason for switching themes is so I can have a custom header. I liked the green and brown look from before, but the custom header is a new project I’m working on. I have been using Pixelmator a lot more recently, and was suddenly struck with the idea to make my own header pictures. This has not gone well in the past, but I have learnt about brushes and all kinds of fun things since then. I want to learn more, and not be afraid to experiment more as well.

Mr C has challenged me to make a new header every week, and I think that is pushing it. But I do intend to fiddle around and change them regularly. I’ll also create an archive somewhere as well. I can’t promise great art, but at least it won’t be boring!

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