Life in the Fast Lane II - Part 1

Published April 21, 2010

So, here it is. The return of Mitch and his friends. I wanted to write a ten-step story on a different topic but I wasn’t inspired by anything else, and I missed Mitch. Marilene sent me a tweet and suddenly the sequel was there in my head, as though it had always been there. So thanks to Marilene, and thanks to you for reading. I hope it’s okay!

Melissa took a deep breath and pushed open the gate. It creaked, reassuringly, and she made her way up the crumbling path towards the church. Her toes were already protesting about the new shoes they had been forced into, but Melissa ignored the pain, pasting a smile across her face.

She accepted an Order of Service from one of the ushers, and followed his directions to one side of the church. She gazed around her, spotting a few familiar faces, but the aisle she had been instructed towards was empty. She sat carefully, trying not to crease her dress.

At the front of the church, Mason and Mitch waited, both dressed up to perfection - morning coats and bow ties included. Mitch tugged at the bottom of his waistcoat nervously, and Mason checked his watch.

Melissa kicked off her heels, stretching her toes gratefully. She didn’t know why she had been invited to this wedding, let alone why she had splashed out on £100 worth of shoes. Shoes that clearly hated her. She knew some of the people in the congregation - recognised some names from her interviews on the grid. Of course she’d talked to Mason many times, but she wouldn’t say they were friends. She certainly didn’t know the bride at all well.

And then there was Mitch.

Well, they’d had that coffee, and that was it.

Melissa had never imagined the next time she’d see him would be in church.

“Don’t they look beautiful?” a voice came from behind her. Melissa spun round and saw Mitch, pointing towards the couple. Mason and Bella were escaping the flurry of confetti, and the prying paparazzi cameras, hurrying to the safety of the Bentley.

“They look happy,” Melissa said.

“And you look good too,” Mitch said.

“Thanks. I’d say the same about you, but… you look a bit like a cheesecake.”

Mitch frowned. “Not my choice,” he said. “When I get married, it’ll be jeans and t-shirts all round.”

“I doubt that,” she laughed. They turned and began to head towards the car park.

“Are you coming to the reception?” he asked and smiled when she nodded. “That’s good.”

There was a moment’s pause, and Melissa’s journalistic instincts kicked in. “Will you be testing all week then?” she asked. “If Mason is off on honeymoon?”

Mitch nodded. “Just me and Sandy.” Mortimer GP’s new test driver Sandro Diaz had joined the team a few weeks previous to the wedding. He was eager and fast, and Mitch was wary of him being groomed as a replacement.

“How’s the car looking?”

“Quick,” Mitch laughed. “Look, if you want to do an interview, I can free up some time for you. For now, though, I’m going to go and find some champagne.” He opened the gate for her, and then jogged towards his car. “See you there!”

“I invited her for you,” Mason laughed, taking a glass of champagne from Mitch. “You’ve been going on about her since the season ended. I figured it might be nice to catch up.”

“You could have warned me,” Mitch said.

“Life is full of surprises,” Mason replied, turning his attention to Bella, who approached them slowly.

“Time for the first dance,” she said, taking his hand. Mitch watched as his newly-married friend took to the floor. Mason had been nervous about the first dance, practicing some moves every chance he got - even in the factory, much to the delight of the mechanics. It looked like it had been worth the effort though, as they moved across the floor.

“Don’t they look beautiful?” Melissa appeared beside him.

“I said it first.”

She smiled.

“How does it feel?” Someone called out from the floor. Mason looked round.

“Better than winning!” he called back.

Mitch laughed. “He’s lying,” he said. “Nothing’s better than…” he trailed off, remembering who he was talking to.

Melissa’s eyes sparkled as she enjoyed Mitch’s faux pas, and she moved off into the crowd.

She hadn’t gone far before she was confronted with another familiar face.

Who was it?

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