Doctor Who: Series 5, Episode 4 - Time of Angels

Published April 29, 2010

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With about five minutes to go, I glanced at the clock and realised that the episode would be over soon and our heroes were all still in mortal danger. Either they were going to wrap this up quickly or it was going to be a two-parter.

Thankfully, it was the latter, although no one I have spoken to knew it was going to be over two weeks. A bit of warning might be nice. Compared with last year, however, a week seems like a reasonable amount of time to wait.

With scheduling out the way, what other things could the BBC do wrong? Oh yeah. You all saw it, didn’t you?

Doctor Who series 5 episode 4

More than five thousand complaints, and just a feeble apology. Someone should have been sacked. Just as they should have in the very first episode of New Who when Mr Norton again made a bizarre appearance. I remember it vividly.

Anyway, enough complaints. Let’s see about the episode. Here is the screenshot that we really want.

Doctor Who series 5 episode 4

This image was used a lot in the build up to the series - the menacing tones of the Doctor echoing throughout the many trailers we saw. I feel they were a bit misleading. It was very “oh, watch out, the Doctor is back, scarier and angrier than ever, not thinking twice about pointing guns, hasn’t he changed” Except, it’s not like he was pointing the gun at a person. He’s using it to escape, which is exactly what he’s always done. I never wanted the Doctor to become all gun-toting, but I do feel let down about the way it was portrayed initially.

He did salute at the Priest/Army person though, which is something he would never have done. So he has changed.

Great to see the return of River Song, as she was fabulous before. Having someone around knowing more than the Doctor is an unusual thing and it makes an interesting dynamic. Amy was funny, trying to guess what the relationship between the two of them is. Aren’t we all?

I did find River to be far too smug in this first outing though. From her very first appearance, marching through corridors and winking at cameras, through to taking over the proper way to drive the TARDIS (you can’t really tell me that it is not meant to make that noise? Illusions shattered!) she was almost dismissive of the Doctor. Right up until the end, when he asked if she trusted him.


Then I forgave her a little bit. It’s noted that she refers to this episode in her previous outing, which must mean that in her timeline, this happens before that. So perhaps she has some life experiences to go through before she becomes the nice River Song of the Library.

They’re facing some tough opponents this time round. I don’t find the Weeping Angels terrifying, the way I know a lot of people do, but they are very unsettling. Particularly the encounter Amy had with the one in the TV. If they can come through the TV, none of us are safe! I’m curious why the instructions are reversed on the next episode - keeping eyes shut instead of not blinking.

Oh, and how could I forget Angel Bob? It’s curious that in River Song’s previous episode, the Vashta Nerada took over the voices of the people they killed. The Angels have done the same thing here. Using Angel Bob’s voice to make their thoughts heard. And make the entire thing very creepy. Poor Angel Bob.

I hadn’t intended to write this until after both parts had aired, but I’ve been thinking about it all week, and so now it’s going up. Sorry it’s a bit late/early.

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