A LOST app please

Published April 24, 2010

This week’s episode of LOST (don’t worry, no spoilers here) wasn’t the rip-roaring ride we’ve had recently with Richard and Desmond. It was good, but it was more of a transitional piece to get all the characters in the right place for whatever is to come in the final episodes.

That is fine by me. Sometimes you need a break from the mind-blowing awesomeness - a breather to gather your thoughts. Not that we have many thoughts. We love watching the show, but instantly turn to Vozzek’s recaps so he can point out all the things we missed. (There will be spoilers in there.)

I purchased a copy of the SFX Magazine special edition LOST celebration thing. That’s right - printed words, on actual paper. Very strange. It’s good though. Loads of interviews, and guides to things - such as the Dharma stations. Probably a little bit late to be learning about things like that, but very cool all the same. Plus, it came with a free mousemat, an iron-on Dharma patch and a poster of Kate - what’s not to like?

Whilst we were watching The Last Recruit, Mr C suddenly said: “I’ve lost Miles.” It took us a minute to remember which group he had gone with and where he was on the island.

Thinking about this problem, I had a bit of a brainwave.

What we need is an iPod/iPhone app like the fabulous one we have for F1. That app has the ability to show a circuit map with all the drivers plotted on it - displaying where they are in relation to everyone else.

F1 timing app

We need this!

Imagine a map of the island, with all the characters plotted out - who is where and who they’re with. Then we wouldn’t worry about losing Miles because we could just pull out the app and find him.

With the timeline I mentioned previously, and this app I just made up, we would have all the information you could possibly need.

The only real problem I can foresee is that with all the time travelling the characters did, it might be a little bit tricky. Can you display 1970s island at the same time as 2004 island?

Also, there are only four episodes left so not only tricky, it also might be a little bit pointless.

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