Your Doctor Who spin off

Published March 30, 2010

Doctor Who is crazy popular, and has managed to create an entire universe of TV shows, books, comics, games, and much more. It even has a couple of spin-offs with Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Adventures. Thing is, both of those spin offs are all very well and good, but I can think of a couple of other characters who would be much more interesting.

Doctor Who spin off

Here’s the game. If you could select five Doctor Who characters to get their own TV show, who would you pick and why? You can’t choose the Doctor, obviously, and the companions are out of bounds too. That means no Rose or Donna, and I suppose it means no Wilf. That’s crazy talk because we all know Wilf needs his own show but alas, for this, he is not eligible.

I’d love to hear what you think, but for now, here are mine (careful of spoilers if you haven’t seen everything new Doctor Who).

  1. Elton and Ursula from Love & Monsters. The pair already had a predilection for all things alien, and having experienced first hand the damage that can be done, I can imagine they would continue the Doctor’s work in fine form. I think there is something appealing to having the partnership of a full body human and a face in a paving stone. It would cause some interesting problems, but she could be the brains and he could be the rest.
  2. Jenny from The Doctor’s Daughter. Ooh, I didn’t like her to start with but by the end of that episode I desperately didn’t want her to go. It’d be great to follow her travels as she tried to live up to her “dad’s” reputation. She was funny and feisty and so full of energy that it would be a fabulous show to watch. Plus, I think she should have to do that cool somersaulting thing through lasers in every episode.
  3. The Adipose from Partner’s in Crime. I know they were more on the alien side of the fence but the poor little baby adipose never meant anyone any harm, and they were so cute! If a little squelchy. I’m not sure what they could do in their spin off show, other than travel the world in search of another nanny, but as long as they waved a few times, I’d be happy.
  4. Madame de Pompadour from The Girl in the Fireplace. It would be a great juxtaposition to have the pomp and circumstance of 18th century France alongside aliens and science fiction for a full length series rather than just one episode. I know they time travelled to the end of her story, but perhaps she got up to lots of fun stuff while she was waiting for the Doctor. That way he could keep popping up in the story as well. A couple of cameos from Mr Tennant would go down well.
  5. The Part Human Doctor from Journey’s End. Ha! This way I get to keep David Tennant but it’s not actually the Doctor and it’s not a companion and therefore it doesn’t break any of the rules. I’m assuming that he can do the fun stuff the Doctor does and we can see how he copes with being a human at the same time, presumably trying to create a life with Rose. Ooh, I get to keep Rose as well! This means we can have the Eleventh Doctor doing his thing, and still get to see yummy DT at the same time. Everyone is happy.

So, there you have it. There are loads more I could have chosen, but these are my top five, for now. I’d love to hear yours. I think I already know who Lukeh’s number one will be, but we shall see!

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