Compare my radio

Published March 17, 2010

Have you seen a new site called Compare My Radio? It’s from some lab type people at Absolute Radio, and is currently in Beta, but it’s a very clever idea.

Their short little blurb says:

Compare My Radio tracks UK radio stations’ “now playing” information and makes sense of it so you don’t have to.

The basic premise seems to be to find a radio station that is right for you, depending on what you want from it. You can search for an artist and find out who has played them the most

Compare My Radio screenshot

Or you can pick a particular station, and view all kinds of statistics about it - including the most-played songs, how many songs they have played in the last 30 days, and how many of those are unique. The variety gauge is also interesting, although as a percentage, I’m not quite sure what it’s telling me.

The compare feature is also rather good, as it allows you to put two rival stations up against each other. It advises you the kind of artists each station plays, and looks at their playlist crossover, and again their ability to play unique songs rather than repeats all the time.

Compare My Radio screenshot

Radio isn’t exactly top of my list of priorities when it comes to consuming music and more, but if it was, I can see this is a fabulous tool.

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