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Published February 21, 2010

I never really spent much time reading newspapers, which is apparent if you ask me about world events, but now that I spend a vast amount of time online, I do stumble across the online versions of the dead tree counterparts more often. There are two media type offerings from The Guardian that I wanted to give a bit of a shout out too.

In my quest to catch up with podcasts (so much easier now I have double speed!) I’ve been listening to Media Talk. It’s a weekly, fast paced look at everything in the world of media - from newspapers, to TV, to blogging plus all that’s in between. It’s probably an acquired taste, as I can imagine the presenters aren’t easy listening for everyone, but I love it, and I find the subjects they cover fascinating.

The other thing I have been liking from The Guardian is the TV Episode blogs. For each episode of popular TV shows, they have a quick blog with updates and opinions on what’s happened plus the best quotes, scenes and music from the episode. Currently, I’m following Being Human, Glee and LOST. They also have others such as Mad Men, and they’re reliving The Wire as well.

Guardian live blog

To me, it is like that conversation around the water cooler, only via the internet. It works for me as I am usually way behind on programmes such as Being Human - I watch it when I get a moment via the iPlayer. No one that I know in real life watches it, so I get to see what other people think of the show. It’s interesting to read the thoughts of the writer, plus all the comments as well.

If I had time, and watched things on a regular basis, I would be doing something similar!

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