Something new and mobile

Published February 4, 2010

Hi there, I am testing out the new Wordpress App for Android with a random post. To make it slightly worthwhile, here are some snippets of thought:

  • Why is it people never ask what you did the previous evening or weekend when you actually have something worthwhile to say?
  • What is the etiquette on retweeting someone who has their Twitter account protected?
  • I really need to do a Media. Future. Change episode soon.

I’ll be back in a moment to test out the edit function and report my findings.

Well, there you go. It does work. Interesting.

Firstly, the app was crazy slow to start with, but once it had found all my settings and refreshed to find the latest information once, it seemed to speed up.

I’ve used the regular WP site on the browser and that isn’t exactly a problem, but this app is obviously designed to aid usability and it does that well. Bigger buttons, easier tick boxes, even linking to MFC was a piece of cake.

It couldn’t load my categories, which was odd, and when I tried to post the post initially, I had no connection which crashed the app. It can’t handle not being able to publish, but when I found the 3G I was looking for, it was fine.

I have an old phone, of course, so perhaps the sluggish and buggy nature can be partly ascribed to that. Android has moved on from my poor ol’ G1. Still, the app works, and is an excellent concept for mobile blogging, if only it was a bit more responsive.

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