Notes on the internet

Published February 16, 2010

Just a couple of things to note:

  • I gave Chrome a try, I did, honest. I set it as my default and I used it for a couple of days. I really like the transition when you drag a tab to become a new window. Beautiful. I missed the Copy Link as Text Firefox plug-in something chronic. And when I was doing some F1 Minute stuff, Chrome was copy/pasting in a really funky way. Then it wouldn’t let me log into Gmail at all, no errors, just refreshing the page all the time. At this stage I have to say, it’s good but it’s not for me. I’m sorry. I know I have let you all down.
  • For a long time, I’ve been scratching my head and wondering why people have their Twitter updates populate their blog. Aside from a little bit of extra content, I couldn’t figure it out. Mostly, I quite like it, it’s a good way of catching up with those conversations that Twitter doesn’t want you to see. Grr. Now I’ve figured it out, though, because it’s an excellent way of keeping your tweets for yourself. A backup of Twitter, if you like. Putting all that info out into the cloud is all very well, but if Twitter goes down (which isn’t out of the question!), it’s gone.
  • Also, I have to hold up my hand and say I’ve been very un-MFC in the way I keep my to-do list. It’s been a scrap of paper. I tried lots of different systems, but it’s a habit you have to get into, and I couldn’t break the pen and paper thing. Thing is, then I lost the paper, and I was really mad. There is definitely something to be said for online productivity tools. I am now using a combination of Doris and Ta Da List, and I’m going to make it work this time. No more paper for me.
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