Hold It - Flash, bang, wallop

Published February 24, 2010

There’s always been a lot of talk about Flash and how, to be polite, it’s a bit of a CPU hog. In our house, Mr C will often be found bemoaning the existence of Flash, and it’s understandable that the Apple universe of products is less than supportive of it.

I never really thought about the problem too much, but that has changed. I watch the majority of my TV on the iPlayer, with the occasional dip into Channel 4OD, and iTunes comes way down the list after that. I would love to buy up all my content on there, my Wish List is ridiculous, but sadly, I have yet to win enter the lottery.

So, with the iPlayer on a lot, my poor little Mac makes a ridiculous amount of noise. I’ve been trying to work out how and when it gets overloaded, because noisy Macs make for noisy podcasts.

I was playing something on 4OD, the Mac got loud, I stopped the video and within about three seconds… silent Mac. My eyes were opened.

I’ve been watching Skins (I think I’m too old for it, but never mind) and Glee (I’m annoyed that I got sucked in) via the Channel 4 site, but now I have switched to iTunes. It’s worth paying the £20 to extend the life of the Mac.

On a slightly related note, on a recent Leo podcast I was listening to, they were talking about ClickToFlash. I’ve seen people talk about it on Sidepodcast, I’ve even seen it in action on Mr C’s browser, but it wasn’t until Leo said it that I realised how cool it was. Yay for Leo. Sadly, I don’t use Safari, but it’s almost worth making the switch! Almost.

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