Beware where you film

Published January 4, 2010

A news item I have been catching up with on Buzz Out Loud recently has me a little bit stunned.

In Chicago, a young woman was at a birthday party where they rented out an entire cinema for the duration of a screening of New Moon. She was filming some video of the party-goers and managed to get about three minutes of the film on camera as well.

This is odd to me because I can’t imagine the cinema letting a camera get in the screening in the first place, but still, perhaps just a short word to say: “Please don’t film here.”

Nope. The cinema called the police, who detained her for two days, and she was faced with charges of copyright infringement that could have resulted in up to three years in prison.

Thankfully, the charges were dropped, but what kind of fear is the movie industry instilling that this is the reaction to an incidental filming. It’s so clear she wasn’t trying to pirate the movie, even the director of the film came to her defence.

More details available here (link unavailable). Madness.

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