Turning away from streaming

Published December 18, 2009

For a while now, Mr C and I have been engrossed in the Spotify world, only just managing to stop from signing up for the premium service to get rid of the pesky ads. It is too much money and not quite worth it, but only just.

Now though, I’m starting to wonder what we ever saw in it. The fact you can play music from many different genres, decades, albums for free is good, but there are drawbacks.

We invested quite a lot of time in preparing a super duper playlist, dragging across songs that we both like so we can indulge in plenty of wine fuelled music nights as we work on our various sites and podcasts. I’ve noticed that Spotify doesn’t seem to like the idea of playlists as much as they claim though, as quite often, songs go missing from my list, for no apparent reason.

I’ve spotted this a couple of times, but just assumed I was going mad. Tonight I knew for certain it wasn’t me losing my mind. A song I had previously put in our playlist was gone, but when searching the catalogue for it, it was still there, certainly playable with no problems. If there were rights issues or if the music was removed from the catalogue altogether, I could kind of understand, but for music to just go missing whilst it is still available to everyone else is just unacceptable.

I think I will return to my beloved iTunes playlists and begin purchasing once more.

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