I only went and bought some more

Published December 20, 2009

I was determined that my Etsy purchase would be a one off, because despite all the proof that Etsy can be addictive, I’m so not into gathering stuff.


Here’s what I got from my second Etsy delivery:

Small craft bag

This is a nifty little keyring type device that has space for tissues (a free pack came with the delivery as in the photo), plus a lipstick, or in my case some lip salve instead. On the back, there is space for something thin, like a business card or similar. I haven’t found anything to put in there yet, but my plan is to attach this to my keys to make it easy to find in my bag.

Small craft bag

The real purpose of the purchase was this panda bag, of course:

Small craft bag

It’s an unusual shape, almost square, which I like, plus it is also nice and thick with great fabric both on the outside and on the inside as well. I haven’t quite figured out what I’m going to do with this one. I’m thinking I might use it as a makeup bag, but I don’t want to be getting mascara all over it by accident.

I got these from the Happybee store, and there are lots of other good things over there. I was sorely tempted by the Purple Bird bag as well!

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