Celebrating the iPlayer and more

Published December 26, 2009

The BBC released some statistics to coincide with the iPlayer’s second birthday ahead of the festive season. Some facts:

  • Average of 5 million unique users a week
  • iPlayer on mobiles peaks on weekday nights between 7pm and midnight
  • The top streaming series for the year (Top Gear) generated more than 1.5 million streams, whilst the top radio was just 183,000.
  • Supposedly Mac users prefer comedies, while PC users prefer dramas.

Just after these numbers were released, the BBC Trust provisionally approved plans for the Beeb to get involved with the Project Canvas initiative.

There was a previous project called Kangaroo which was thrown out for being anti-competitive, but Canvas is more open to other broadcasters and will be a joint effort from all the main UK companies - ITV, BBC, Channel 4 and Five.

There is a lot more information available about Project Canvas and about the BBC’s involvement.

Watch this space!

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