Your hangover cures

Published November 12, 2009

In my recent post about breakfast, I inadvertently mentioned hangover cures, and a couple of comments picked up on that. That got me wondering what other weird and wonderful things people use to clear their hangovers.

Let’s be responsible about this though: drinking isn’t smart or clever. Don’t do it. Except if you’ve had a really bad day. Then you can be excused.

Ah-hem, so…

I mentioned that my hangover cure was simply bubbles. I’m assuming this is to do with the dehydration aspect, but I’ve found that drinking something like orange squash doesn’t help, whereas those bubbly water things do. And of course, Diet Coke and other such glorious beverages also do the trick.

We also know that many people suggest a big hearty fry-up as a cure. Lots of junk food and grease to soak up the alcohol. I find that gross but if it works, that’s all that matters.

In the comments yesterday, Ollie offered up:

…a banana and a glass of orange juice is good brekky-cure for a hangover, for me anyway.

Which sounds rather healthy, and probably a great way to start the day after abusing one’s body the night before.

Now, what’s yours? Any secrets?

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