Letting the moths out

Published November 20, 2009

Over on Sidepodcast, we featured a guest post recently from Dan Brunell, who wrote about the need for quality reporting on the web. I highly recommend it, but to sum up for the purposes of this post, the internet has made reporting all things F1 cheaper but also cheapened the reporting. As we start to understand how the internet works, we will begin to realise that paying for quality is the way to go.

I find the subject really fascinating, and not just as someone who creates content on the web. I also am a consumer, and have really begun investing in the content I like over the last few years.

Although we have become very used to the fact that things on the internet are free, I also think the web makes purchasing things a lot easier. Online shopping is a massive business now, so we just need to make that next step towards media content as well.

Perhaps part of it comes from being part of the process and creating things yourself. Since running a rather large podcast and community, I learnt that donating to the other podcasters I love is easy and the right thing to do. Since running the charity radiothon on Sidepodcast, I learnt that donating to charity is also easy and sometimes the right thing to do.

I don’t think everyone will suddenly start being creative and/or opening their wallets, but when supporting your media is as easy as clicking and entering a few numbers, it is the right thing to do.

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