Immediate thoughts on The Waters of Mars

Published November 15, 2009

Here are just a few things that struck me about the latest Doctor Who episode, The Water of Mars. If you haven’t seen it yet, and you are able, it’s up on the iPlayer already. It only finished 15 minutes ago!

  • That is the first time in a long time, if you don’t count F1 coverage, that I have watched live TV - even if I was streaming it on the web.
  • I am slightly concerned about boiling the water needed to make pasta for dinner now.
  • I don’t like the unhinged doctor all that much, although he is an interesting character study. It will make saying goodbye to the character much easier, if they make him slightly less likeable.
  • I am fascinated by the idea of a colony on Mars, particularly the way they had the hub with the branches leading off to the various domes.
  • What was that Ood doing there?
  • I miss Donna.
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