I'm thinking gogglebox would be better

Published November 6, 2009

I was in discussion with my mother a while back and for some reason we were talking about racing cars. Imagine that! Anyway, we were talking about the olden days, when they used to have driving gloves, leather hats and goggles.

I pointed out that I do enjoy those phrases for things that aren’t the way we do things anymore. Hmm. There must be a word for that because it is impossible to explain. An example: dial the phone. I haven’t seen a phone with a dial for a long time. Also, pull the chain, when really it’s all about the flush.

I said to my mother that glovebox was another one of those, as all that is in my glovebox is a map, some manuals and probably some very old and broken CDs. I don’t think I’ve ever worn gloves to drive. She looked at me blankly, and there was that glorious moment of realisation that: “Oh yes, they used to keep gloves in there! Driving gloves!”

Bless. Those moments are pure golden, except if they are you, because then you just feel stupid.

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