Chocolate covered pretzels

Published October 28, 2009

A while ago, I tweeted about my desire to have some Nestle Pretzel Flips, but it appears they are no longer sold in the UK. Along with Lucky Charms, the best things are always stolen from me. My good friend pointed out a site called American Soda that delivers US groceries to our shores, but shipping isn’t exactly cheap.

Instead, I had an idea. Why not make them myself?

I visited my mother today and we had a go at making them. Here’s how it went.

Step 1 - Gather ingredients.


Step 2 - Melt chocolate and add pretzels. We had a go at dipping them individually, but it was soon obvious that throwing a whole load of pretzels in there would spread the chocolate more evenly.


Step 3 - Spread pretzels out on a plate and put them in the fridge to cool.


Mmm, chocolate.

Caught Out

Step 4 - Don’t get caught with the leftover chocolate.


My mother is not supposed to know how to use camera phones.

Step 5 - Remove pretzels from the fridge, and pry them from the plate with a knife. Try not to get too disheartened when quite a lot of them break. This is also a good excuse to snaffle some of the outtakes, but if you’re anything like us, there were too many and you have to admit that this is what half your pretzels look like now.

Nestle never did it like this.


Step 6 - Arrange a nice plate of surviving pretzels so you can take a photo for your blog.

Step 7 - Eat them.


There was a little bit of chocolate left over, so we threw some raisins in as well. They were also quite yummy. The fact that quite a lot of the pretzels did break on the plate was a little annoying, but my mother suggested next time we should try some greaseproof paper or similar.

They are delicious, although not quite the same as the original pretzels, as of course, Cadburys chocolate is different to Nestle.

So, chocolate covered pretzels? Easy. How do you think I’ll fare making my own Lucky Charms?

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