Made for walking

Published September 6, 2009

I bought a new pair of shoes!

Black and white plimsolls

These are pretty cheap shoes that were in a sale from one of those cheap shoe shops, so I am not bragging about the style or quality of the shoes. The point here is: it was an impulse buy!

I hate buying shoes. Really and truly, it is one of the worst things I have to do, second only to getting my hair cut. I have big feet, shoes don’t tend to fit me, and I am not a fan of parting with money for something I take very little notice of.

I own one pair of work shoes, one pair of trainers, and some flip flops for the summer. That’s pretty much it. I only enter shoe shops when one of these three has failed me and needs replacing.

These shoes are a surprise.

I went into a shop without purpose, they caught my attention, I tried them on and bought them.

Not only that, but I have brought them home and worn them - not just shoved them in the back of a cupboard and ignored them. They are ridiculously thin, and very, very flat. They are more fashionable than functional, but I kinda like them.

This is a bizarre experience.

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