Next up: Petit Le Mans

Published August 25, 2009

Franck’s official site has updated with thoughts on the race at Sonoma, and confirms what we all thought - a disappointing race but FKM still showed well.

We would have loved seeing Franck repeating his last year’s success in Long Beach as he scored a strong second place for his first Champcar race. That was finally not the case this weekend but Franck still did an amazing job getting used to the car so quickly. He scored the 3rd-fastest laptime during the race! Pretty good for rookie!

Franck’s returning to Europe now to work with Peugeot on the upcoming Petit Le Mans race. It’s just been confirmed that Audi are planning to join in the fun so it looks like we’ll see a repeat of the battle we enjoyed last year. FKM is determined, too:

This time, it won’t be about making a strong impression though… he will be there to fight for the win and that’s pretty good news for all of us!


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