Five Friends moments

Published August 22, 2009

Of course, I’m not talking about real life friends (what are they?), I’m talking about the sitcom. This is my favourite TV show ever on earth, and my real life friend (oh!) and I used to spend hours watching and memorising the episodes.

I was going to make this a top five list, but then realised firstly that I couldn’t narrow it down or decide which was my overall favourite. Secondly, I was worried that I would have missed an epic moment from somewhere in the ten years, and be annoyed about it later.

I give these things too much thought, therefore, here are five in no particular order and for no particular reason.

  • The Chair Argument. Ross is desperate for everyone to get ready for his big night out at the museum (tried desperately to avoid a film title there), and Joey and Chandler are too busy squabbling. It’s what they do best, though.

  • Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt. Back when they were together, Brad made a guest appearance as an old high school friend of the gang. He is unbelievably good looking and funny, but my favourite moment is when he does a crazy laugh, and you can see a small not-in-character smile playing on Aniston’s lips. Sadly I can’t find a clip of the moment, but here are the best Brad bits from that episode.

  • Monica & Ross do The Routine. I always like it when Monica and Ross get together. The one with the football is also a really good moment. Their competitive streak, plus the natural brother and sister relationship is played very well, and is of course, very funny. Plus, I copy elements of this dance routine when I am messing about to music at my desk. Shh.

  • Ross is fine. I never really liked Charlie that much, but she did add an interesting dynamic to the group for a while. Any chance Ross gets to start acting weird, and make strange high-pitched noises is good with me. Plus, I really love this episode and the way it is structured - particularly the hand clap at the end when both Ross, Joey and everyone watching, had forgotten the burns. Genius.

  • Apartment Swap. Apparently, this episode is considered one of the best of the full ten year run. Ross hosts a quiz between the boys and the girls to find out who knows each other better. The result sees the pairs swapping apartments, and it takes a few episodes for the hilarity to be sorted out.

It occurs to me that I could search through Friends clips all day, and that in fact, this post is completely self indulgent. Regularly scheduled programming to return soon.

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