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Published August 26, 2009

Not only have I just uncovered a new site covering the world of eBooks, but it is a site that is asking for contributions. Yay!

Starting from the beginning, I read the Random Acts of Reality blog which is written by an ambulance technician (I’m not sure they’re still called that, sincere apologies), and is a really fascinating read. The author, Tom Reynolds, also compiled a book on the same subject, and is now starting this new venture: Paper Not Included. There isn’t much on the site yet, but just the title got me excited.

From the latest post:

So that is what this website is about - ebooks. It will take in the whole ecosystem around ebooks as well, from the readers to the policies, DRM to Creative Commons, from the ebooks themselves to the places that sell them. It’s a big field but it’s one that I feel passionate about.

Tom goes on to encourage potential contributors to contact him, as he wants it to become a multi-author site. I would be tempted to submit something, but all I know about eBooks is thus: want Kindle.

Anyway, it should be an interesting blog to keep an eye on, especially if the daily updates come to fruition.

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