BBC Introducing new music

Published August 20, 2009

The BBC have always been good at pushing forward new music, even as the industry changes around them. It used to be supremely hard for unsigned artists to get their music heard, but with MySpace and Podsafe music, it’s easier for word to spread.

Although this is better for artists, I imagine it might make the BBC’s life a little harder - there is such a wealth of music out there, you have to wheedle out the good stuff. I can speak from experience and tell you that trawling through podsafe music is not fun!

Still, this is a good problem to have, and much better this way than it used to be. A recent entry on the BBC Introducing blog shows us just how much they’ve been doing for unsigned artists. The Introducing site actually encourages musicians to upload their own songs, with the best being played on some of the late night radio shows, with some even being invited to appear at festivals. What a leg-up!

One of the more important snippets of that blog post comes right at the end:

Starting this week, a selection of unsigned artists chosen by BBC Introducing will be played by daytime Radio 1 DJs like Greg James, Edith Bowman, Jo Whiley and Nihal. This is a big deal for the artists chosen, since their music will be reaching a potentially enormous national audience.

It’s no secret the influence Radio 1 can have on buyers, from simply hearing a song you might not have heard, to DJs campaigning for unusual tracks to reach the charts (I’m thinking John Barrowman right now, and looking at you Chris Moyles). Impressive stuff from the Beeb, and exciting for future artists.

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