The Great Gardening Adventure - Week 6

Published July 4, 2009

Today we have a new and unexpected bloom:

White flower blooming amongst green leaves

I think this must be part of the bell pepper plant, but I can’t be 100% sure. It’s very pretty though, and so far I have spotted two of these cute little flowers.

The tomatoes are coming on very well, growing nice and strong, bigger than I expected. They are still green, so I am waiting for them to turn a lighter shade of red before snapping some more photos. I can’t wait to try one.

Talking of getting to taste the fruits of one’s labours, I started munching on the salad leaves this week. For lunch one day, I made a sandwich and included a sprinkling of the green leaves. Today, I prepared a salad to go with dinner, and snuck in some of my own lettuce leaves as well. It was delicious.

Lettuce leaves in a white bowl

I have two asides to add to this subject:

  1. I have discovered some French dressing that is sold in sachets. It is slightly posher than what I would usually go for, but the added benefit of not having to throw old salad dressings out when they are not used up is well worth the extra pennies.
  2. Mr C enjoyed his salad, but he did accidentally pour some apple and kiwi smoothie on to the leaves. I had placed the bottle there ready for pouring whilst I fetched the glasses, and Mr C thought it was dressing. He said it was actually quite nice though, so that could be a recipe tip for you all.

I am starting to get a little worried about the strawberry plants. I think they need more attention again. Will update next week.

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