The lightning round

Published June 26, 2009

Last night, I was awake at 1am due to some pretty vicious lightning and thunder cracking right over my head. Thankfully I was indoors, but for the couple of hours I was awake, I was not amused.

At what point does lightning cease being awe-inspiring and become more of an annoyance?

When I was a kid, massive storms were great fun. There was one particular day, I was waiting for a long distance friend to arrive. My mother and I were standing in the open front doorway, marvelling at how muggy it was. Suddenly the sky turned a deep, dark yellow, the rain came crashing down and the lightning soon followed. That was a good day.

It must be something to do with being an adult. I always say that there’s nothing better than masses of rain when you are safe and sound indoors with a cup of hot chocolate and no reason to go outside. How often do all those elements come together though?

Normally, it’s raining when you have to go to work. Or it’s supremely noisy when I have to record a podcast. Or there is massive thunderstorm when I am trying to sleep.

Still, at least it has cleared the air a little, and I have a headache only from a restless night, rather than from the humidity in the air.

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