The Great Gardening Adventure - Week 2

Published June 7, 2009

Only my second update and I am already running a few days behind schedule, however I come to you with good news!

Blushing strawberry

My strawberries are not only surviving, but gradually turning red.

In the end, I had to call the experts in, and my parents came to save the day. It turns out I really wasn’t watering the plants enough, and they needed a lot more than I provided. I learnt two very important lessons:

  • Water the plants at night, because if you do it in the morning, the sun can soak it up before the plants have a chance to get any goodness. Naturally, I was watering the plants in the morning.
  • Filling up the tubs that the plants are standing in with water works as well. You have to be careful with standing water, obviously, but there is a layer of gravel in the bottom of the pink pots, plus a good couple of inches of soil. The plants won’t be drowning anytime soon.

In fact, we filled up the tubs, and I took my parents out for lunch to thank them. When we returned, they had drunk everything I gave them and were thirsty for more.

With that in mind, I have spent all week saving the strawberries from the brink, and it seems to have worked. Interestingly, though, once they had a constant source, they weren’t too problematic, whilst the tomatoes seem to require much more on a daily basis. However, they have grown enormously tall.

Tall tomato plants

I am slightly concerned that one of the plants in the tomato pot is getting too big for it’s boots. The leaves are spreading far and wide and it may be outgrowing my small little bay window. If this is the case, I might have to pass it off to my mother for her actual garden, and try another vegetable instead. But that’s okay, I am still happy with that, as the plants survived their first couple of weeks, when it was looking likely that they wouldn’t.

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