One year of the Big Picture

Published June 9, 2009

If you are not already subscribed to The Boston Globe’s Big Picture blog then you should go there right now and do so. Bookmark it, copy and paste the RSS feed, do whatever you have to do so that you don’t miss an entry. And when you’ve done that, go back through the archives and enjoy what you have already missed.

The Big Picture is a collection of photographs around a particular theme, telling a story that is in the news at the moment. It has no agenda but just wants to spotlight moments from our lives that should not be forgotten. The subject matter can vary from week to week. Space missions get good coverage, Formula 1 is how we were first introduced to it, the tennis got a mention this week. Very often, there are harrowing images from war-torn countries, or places desperately trying to recover from a natural disaster.

You will not like all the pictures. You should still view them all.

The blog recently celebrated it’s one year anniversary, and the founder has written a personal post about his experiences putting all the pictures together. It looks a lot harder work than I would have imagined but it is interesting to get a behind the scenes view of what it takes to make the Big Picture possible.

This site spurred us on to create F1 Big Picture, an homage to the original based around our own sporting passions. Hopefully, it will inspire something in you as well.

As mentioned, go to the Big Picture now and subscribe, and also check out the Big Picture Notes blog, which has some fascinating snippets that don’t make it into the main features.

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