Baby Panda Thursday #11

Published May 7, 2009

Okay, now technically we’re taking a break from the norm here and looking at regular size pandas as well, but they are still cute, I promise.

There are quite a few webcams situated in zoos across the world, and that means you can often catch a glimpse of a panda or two. They tend not to do very much. I once watched a panda chewing on bamboo for ten minutes, went away for an hour, and came back to find it in exactly the same place.

The San Diego zoo have Panda Cam, which can be very good, except that it’s night time over there as I write this, so there’s not much to look at. There are some pretty groovy time lapse videos of each day, though, so you can catch up if you miss any of the panda “action”. There’s also Polar Cam and Elephant Cam, if you fancy a change of scenery. (Why would you?)

San Diego also provide a Giant Panda blog which is updated semi-regularly to keep you in touch with what the bears are up to.

Over in China, at the Endangered Species Sanctuary, there is a Panda Cam feature. It’s actually a digital photo taken every few seconds which is updated over the web, and because pandas don’t move, sometimes it’s hard to tell whether it’s working or not. Still worth a look at the photos anyway.

Finally, there is the National Zoo Panda Cam. This is probably the best one, but they do limit sessions to allow more traffic to watch. As I write, I can see a panda sleeping peacefully. Bless.

Now, because this has been a lot of words, here’s a baby panda to brighten up your Thursday.

Baby Panda

Credit: Audrianasol/Flickr

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