Pink - It's like red but not quite

Published April 3, 2009

I have recently been enjoying catching up with a web series called Pink. The ‘webisodes’ are available on the site, on YouTube, or as a podcast.

It’s a clever show, told in flashbacks and flashforwards (a little more understandable than LOST though!). The story surrounds a contract killer who is allowed out of jail on an assignment, but who would rather be finding love and settling down. Through the flashbacks, we find out more about her childhood and how she ended up the way she is today.

Each episode is just four minutes long, which in turns can be both endearing and annoying. It’s nice not to have to commit a lot of time to a show to keep up with it, but also… I want to know more!

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I have to marvel at the quality of the show. It’s really well produced, and apparently well funded. Currently, the third series is coming to an end with a selection of bonus episodes, and presumably it will keep going through to series four.

There’s a good article about the people behind the scenes, plus a glimpse of the future of the format on the Texas Monthly site.

Here’s a recent episode (warning: includes guns):

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