No Spa for Franck

Published April 8, 2009

So, as it turns out, Peugeot have decided that the lovely Franck won’t be racing at the 1,000 km of Spa. After such great fun at Sebring, I’m disappointed. Olivier Quesnel - Director of Peugeot Sport - says:

This is not a delay in our preparation or our work, but an adjustment in our organization. The priority remains Le Mans and I do not want to wear the team preparing three cars for this race… We have chosen six pilots selected according to their respective mileage at the wheel of the 908 HDi FAP.


Franck says:

…It will not happen in Spa, but the team aligns two cars like we always used for our preparation for Le Mans. For my part, I will concentrate on my preparation and I will continue to work and to exchange up with my engineers. After Sebring, we really want to do a very good race at Le Mans.

Bless him for staying positive. It’s not very fair to be booted out of the team because you’ve been working too hard, is it?

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