Get in sync

Published April 6, 2009

I stumbled across a new web show/podcast from former CNET editor Rich DeMuro. I used to watch him on The Queue when I was first getting into CNET podcasts, so was disappointed that he left so soon after I tuned in.

Now he is running his own video show called the Synched Up Show. He writes and produces it himself, which is an impressive feat, considering there were ten episodes in March. As someone who has been on the peripheral of making videos (writer + host, rather than editor and producer), I know how time consuming it can be.

Anyway, I thought I would recommend it to you all, because I like it already, and as a work in progress, it can only get better. Plus, Rich told us to tell our friends.

PS: I particularly like the show because I can recognise all the Mac loops used as backing music. Hehe.

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