Recommissions - The Restaurant

Published March 11, 2009

Raymond Blanc will be back for a third series of The Restaurant, although there is no word on when.

The show gives nine couples the chance to compete with the ultimate prize being a business opportunity with Blanc. The winning couple open a restaurant with the chef, but only after proving that they have what it takes to create winning menus, great atmosphere, and generate a profit.

Blanc issues the challenges, intent on developing the couples and their restaurants, and with times as troubled as they are, this new series is not going to be easy for the contestants. Raymond is completely aware of this but isn’t going to make it easy on contestants:

This year will be survival of the fittest. I am not looking for dreamers, I want to see couples with fresh ideas and a partnership that will flourish under pressure.

At least this sounds like a reality show where the participants really have to work for their prize!

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