Peugeot improve on day 2

Published March 18, 2009

It turns out testing can be a topsy-turvy experience. On the second day, Peugeot jumped ahead, although it wasn’t Franck’s car topping the times.

All times were at least a second slower than Monday, but Nicolas Minassian led the way just three tenths ahead of Allan McNish. Unfortunately, it Bourdais had an off and didn’t manage to set a time. Uh oh.

Le Seb didn’t get very far at all, in fact, as on the first lap of the day, he spun it and hit the wall. The damage was enough to cause a red flag, and left Bourdais pretty annoyed at himself. Now I’m annoyed at him too. He says that it shouldn’t affect the car too much though.

“I lost it on cold tires. I was only three-quarters of a lap in on Turn 6 under the bridge. It will be fixed by tonight, probably by the end of the session. The damage was all on the right side.”

Le Seb needs to be careful, because I am still mad at Klien for his part in ruining Franck’s Le Mans race last year. I do hold a grudge.

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