New executive production policy

Published March 6, 2009

As a direct result of the Russell Brand incident, the BBC have reviewed their policy of allowing on-screen/on-air talent having a large responsibility in the production team. They have now revised the guidelines, suggesting that neither talent nor their agents can be the last word in editorial standards or compliance, and cannot be listed as the Executive Producer.

If this were the case, and it would have to be a particularly special programme to warrant the exception, then another EP would have to be taken on to ensure the procedures are met.

George Entwistle of BBC Vision said:

On-screen and on-air talent plays a vital role in BBC productions, both independent and in-house, and their creative input is very highly valued. But creative input must not be confused with responsibility for editorial standards and compliance.

This seems like it can only be a good thing, as it leaves the talent to do what they do best - be creative.

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