Trust accept Gaza appeal decision

Published February 19, 2009

Following the BBC’s decision not to show the Gaza Appeal commercial, the matter went to the trust for review. However, the Trust have agreed with the decision, and the appeal will not be shown.

From the statement:

We recognise that the Director-General’s decision was a matter of great controversy for many members of the public. However, having carefully examined the Director-General’s reasons, the Trust believes he acted correctly throughout, and we are satisfied that the decision the Director-General took was reasonable given the importance of preserving the reputation of the BBC for impartiality.

It’s an incredibly difficult subject, and the DG’s argument is that it is impossible in this case to separate the political problems from the humane aspect. The Trust agreed that the situation was handled properly, and said the case would not be revisited.

However, it looks like the initial complaints, from a solicitor on behalf of three individuals - two from Gaza and one from the UK - are set to continue. The solicitor has said they could take the case to the High Court, whilst the BBC have said they will be examining the problem to see if any lessons can be learnt from it. It looks like this is far from over, though.

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