Robin Hood's return

Published February 18, 2009

There has been a lot more information released about the upcoming third series of Robin Hood. The Tiger Aspect Production programme returns with 13 episodes in the Spring, and this time Robin is mean.

He’s out for revenge after the death of wife Marian at the hands of Guy of Gisborne. He’s dumped the others after their return from the Holy Land, and his only goal is to kill Sir Guy. Meanwhile, Gisborne is racked with grief after murdering the woman he loves. As the grief rages on, Hood stumbles upon Kate and Tuck in the forest. Kate sides against the Sheriff after her brother is constrained, and Tuck is there to help Robin get his life back on track. It looks like Kate will be a love interest for someone, and another new face may stir hearts as well. Guy’s little sister Isabella turns up and is a thorn in both her brother and Robin’s sides.

Selected quotes:

It’s great to bring Robin back a darker, more mature hero and fans will see that once he’s come to terms with his personal loss, he’s a stronger more powerful force than ever before. Jonas Armstrong, Robin Hood

Creating a modern, strong Tuck for a 21st century audience is a terrific opportunity and a real challenge because many of us already have a picture of a roly-poly monk who loves his food and drink. David Harewood, Tuck

Joining the ranks of Robin Hood has been so much fun. I’ve learnt to fight and run for my life all at the same time! Kate’s a tomboy with a big and fearless heart, but soon it’s a question of who will win her undivided love and attention. Joanne Froggatt, Kate

Television breaks don’t get better than Isabella and even arch-baddie Gisborne’s feisty little sister’s got issues with him! She’s a real ’tour de force’ and so much happens to her in this epic third series. Lara Pulver, Isabella of Gisborne

More information is available via the Press Office.

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